Feeding device is the precondition to ensure the demand of maize equipment

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Feeding device is the premise to ensure the material demand of maize flour processing line! Maize deep-processing machinery mainly processes corn kernels to make them quickly into maize noodles, rice dumplings, corn oil, etc. When making maize products, it needs a continuous supply of raw maize grain to ensure the perfection of this production line, which requires the participation of the feeding device only to ensure! Enough material to ensure that everything goes smoothly!


Feeding device is a very important part of corn flour processing machinery, which is related to the smooth progress of corn processing. When transporting raw grain, the feeding device can not break grain. Its function is to feed the material into the conveying pipeline, where the material and air are fully mixed, and then accelerated and conveyed by the airflow. Feeding device requires air to enter smoothly, without excessive disturbance and eddy current, in line with the flow law of fluid, in order to reduce the resistance of air and material flow. As far as possible, the direction of material movement entering the feeding pipe is consistent with the direction of air flow, so as to avoid reverse feeding, so as to reduce the accelerated energy loss caused by air flow to the material. No leak, no leak, no stock


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