Safely usage requirements for rice mills(1)

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1, the installation of the main and auxiliary machine should be safe and reliable, transmission belt length and tightness should be appropriate, transmission and transmission part of the protective cover and safety protection devices.

2, before starting, should check the technical status of all parts of the rice milling machine is good, and then close the Import board, open the Export board, to confirm the safety after the start of the Rice mill.

3, in the normal operation of the rice mill, the feed box filled with Paddy gradually opened the import of the Board, and observe the accuracy of rice grains, rice, broken valleys and so on to meet the standards. If not, the import of the board should be closed, after the shutdown to adjust the spacing of rice knives.

4, in the precision, rice, broken Valley to meet the requirements, as far as possible open large import board, until full load run.


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