Zhengzhou Sida Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of rice production equipment. We have more than 20+ years'experience in rice processing equipment production. We select high-quality steel, cooperate with famous domestic and foreign spare parts manufacturers, and combine advanced production equipment, such as imported CNC pulsed argon arc automatic welding machine, CNC folding machine, CNC pipe bending machine, CNC punching machine, etc. Good price equipment. Our equipment conforms to the product quality certification of China and EU, and has obtained dozens of national patents.

about Sida Machinery

We have a group of experienced engineers and technical team, responsible for product design, installation, commissioning, training, their footprint throughout the world. Our equipment sells well both at home and abroad and is widely appreciated by customers. Major markets include Africa, Asia, South America, etc. Customers are located in Nigeria, Angola, Tanzania, Ghana, Congo and other countries.

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