Points for Attention in Operation and Use of Rice Processing Line

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Matters needing attention in the operation and use of rice processing equipment! Rice processing equipment provides us with a variety of quality rice, especially the staple food of Southerners is rice, more need the help of rice processing equipment to meet your demand for rice food! Therefore, the reasonable use and maintenance of our rice processing equipment can ensure the service life and processing efficiency of the machine!


What we need to pay attention to in operation:


1. Choosing high-quality equipment can ensure the safety in use and operation. Such rice processing line has relatively high service life, simple operation and maintenance, and is convenient.


2. Pay attention to the mechanical safety and production safety of laige scale rice processing equipment. Master the operation skills of the machine, standardize the operation methods, and have a good idea of the possible faults, and will simply eliminate and maintain the work. Rice processing equipment is regularly inspected and repaired to minimize the possible risks of machinery. On the premise of safety in production, industrial hygiene and ensuring workers'safety and health in production, people's safety behavior and material conditions for ensuring safety in production are stipulated in terms of management, production technology and equipment use.


3. Rice processing plant can ensure continuous operation, balanced production, processing performance and product quality, achieve reasonable economic scale, meet technological requirements and reasonable matching between equipment and equipment. In the process of processing, attention should also be paid to food hygiene, food quality, food nutrition and other related aspects. In order to ensure the normal operation, safety and hygiene of the production line, save energy consumption and convenient maintenance, and ensure the advanced, rational and reliable of the whole production line.

Invisible loss performance of rice milling equipment: mainly due to the increase of social productivity caused by the mechanical devaluation, and also because of the progress of science and technology, there are new rice processing equipment with better performance and higher efficiency, which will lead to the decline of economic benefits of enterprises if it continues to use; this belongs to the loss of value of rice processing equipment, the faster the technological progress of rice processing equipment, and the newer it will be. The shorter the replacement period is, the greater the invisible loss will be.



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