Maize Flour Processing Line

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Maize Flour Processing Line
  • Raw material:Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel
  • Capacity:1T/D,5T/D,10T/D,20T/D ETC.
  • Usage:Maize Flour Processing
  • Delivery time:30 DAYS
  • After-sales service:FREE INSTRUCTION

Cleaning part of Corn Flour Processing Line



Peeling of Corn Flour Processing Line



Flour milling part of Corn Flour Processing Line



Electric control and Packing part of Corn Flour Processing Line



Dual Corn Products Line with dry milling method adopts advanced fine corn processing flow line design to produce 

grade corn flour and gits, ensuring quality product up to national standard. The new corn fine processing assembly 

line involves purifying and destoning,hulling,degerminating,polishing, germ extracting,grits milling,sifting, dedusting,

suspending,byproducts extracting, flour milling, feeds grinding, vertical and horizontal conveying, airslide, ventilation, 

PLC, color grading and packaging of grade products.

  The Dual Corn Products line has advantages of advanced technic, fine and specialized quality, scientific arrangement, 

low power and high extracting. The products are widely used in food, sugar, beer plants. The core equipments gain national patent.

  Products: corn gits, flour, husks;

  Yields: grade corn grits and flour 25%-30%, husks 20%-25%, total output of corn grits and flour: 75-80%;

  Product index:

  Corn flour fineness: 40-200 mesh (adjustable);

  Sand content: <0.02%;

  Magnetic metal content: <0.003/kg;

  Moisture content: 13.5-14.5%;

  Fat content: 0.5-1%;

  Appearance and taste: golden color, smooth and uniform granula, fine flour, good taste.

Processing CapacityPower  KWPower Consumption for Tons of Material  KW/HOURYield T/24 HOURSWorkshop Size L×W×H/M
20T7258-6020T20×5×5(line structure) 16×5×6(steel structure)
30T10858-6030T24×5×6(line structure) 30×5×5(steel structure)
50T17256-5850T35×5×7(steel structure)
100T34656-58100T40×7×8(steel structure)

  End products:


 Product Dsiplay :

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