Cleaning technology has been upgraded in corn milling machine

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What improvements have been made in grain cleaning technology in corn mills? Grain cleaning technology has always been a topic of great concern, because each grain will contain various impurities when harvested. If the impurities are not cleaned reasonably, the quality and taste of flour will be greatly affected, and the wear and tear of the machine and the short service life of the machine will also be caused. Therefore, grain cleaning technology has been constantly on the rise. Upgrading and development, its technology in grain cleaning has also made full progress to meet your various needs!


The purpose of maize cleaning is to use various cleaning equipment to clean up the impurities in raw maize, so that it can reach the range of impurities stipulated in the quality standard of Maize in China. The traditional cleaning equipment of corn mill has some limitations in the process of cleaning, and can not be cleaned up. After production, there are impurities as big as corn, and its volume and weight are the same as that of small corn. Traditional equipment can not be cleaned up at all. The cleanliness of grain has a great impact on the quality of finished products.

Nowadays, after constant attempts and adjustments by scientists and technicians, new and more effective grain cleaning equipment has come into being. It can completely separate the miscellaneous grain from the net grain, lay a good quality foundation for the later processing process, thus ensuring the cleaning effect of the raw grain and the effect of the latter process can be significantly improved. As a whole, the corn mill has been greatly improved in terms of efficiency, output and effect, and the processing quality and benefit of the equipment are also guaranteed.


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