Screening and Grading in Maize Processing Line

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The word "screening and grading" is unfamiliar to friends who have just entered the maize flour processing plant industry, but screening and grading technology is very necessary for everyone to understand, because it can promote the corn processing machinery to have a better processing effect.


Corn in the air, often mixed with small bricks and sand, as well as soil or iron products, these things if grinded into flour, is very unsanitary, iron often causes damage to corn flour processing line. In order to obtain high-quality finished products, maize must go through a variety of processes to screen and classify.


Usually, the size of the impurities themselves is relatively small, and it is difficult to pick them out one by one in hundreds or kilograms of corn. If you really want to pick one by one, it will cost a lot of labor and increase a lot of costs, so the corn flour processing machinery in production, need to remove impurities accordingly.


The corn flour processing machine itself has the function of multi-channel screening. It can remove stones twice, magnetic separation three times, iron products, water cleaning two times at a time, after two times of water washing, corn is thoroughly clean, and then processed by rolling. In this way, high quality corn products can be obtained.


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