What is the function of polishing machine in corn milling machine?

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What is the polishing machine used in the corn mill? The corn mill is a special equipment used to process corn into small and medium-sized granules such as corn flour, corn flour, corn dumplings and so on. It needs a variety of supporting equipment to cooperate with the completion of the complete corn flour production line.


Polishing refers to the process of using mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece in order to obtain a bright and smooth surface. Polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media are used to modify the surface of the workpiece. Similarly, the role of polishing machine in maize flour processing machine is mainly to use polishing tools to modify the flour attached to the surface of corn to obtain more brilliant corn products.

Polishing equipment is the key equipment of corn milling machine. It mainly consists of atomizing device, feeding device, polishing chamber, air jet system and frame. Polishing roll is cast iron roll with ribs, which has strong friction effect. The spindle is a hollow shaft. The end of the spindle is connected with the outlet of the blower. The high-pressure air from the blower enters the polishing room through the hollow shaft for polishing. The discharging device adopts the structure of pressure gate. By adjusting the pressure gate, the polishing pressure in the machine can be controlled to control the polishing degree of corn.


In the corn mill, the so-called polished polisher is polished by wet method, and the corn with a certain accuracy is wetted by water and water mist. Then it is sent to the polishing chamber. Under certain temperature, the starch gelatinized on the surface of the corn can make the corn crystal clear and clean, and not stick to the chaff powder, thereby improving the storage performance of the corn and improving its commodity value.


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