How much does a set of 30TPD corn processing equipment cost?

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How much does it cost to invest in a set of corn flour processing line with a daily output of 30 tons? My friends who set up corn processing plants are most concerned about the investment problem, so what kind of investment do they need to start corn processing plants? Because the output of each customer is different, take medium-sized corn processing plants as an example to analyze the investment problem of medium-sized corn processing equipment for everyone. Said that 50-80 tons of corn processing equipment per day can support the operation of a medium-sized corn processing plant. The grain yard talked about the investment requirements and output value expectations of small-sized corn processing equipment before. Today, I will introduce the investment of medium-sized corn processing equipment, mainly taking 30 tons of corn processing equipment as an example.


Thirty tons of maize flour processing plant  can process 30 tons of corn gross grain per day. Through a series of processes such as cleaning, peeling, slag breaking, grading, embryo raising, whole grain, polishing, grinding and screen grading, corn germ, corn flour with different grain sizes and degreased corn flour can be produced at the same time. At present, corn processing market favors small and medium-sized corn processing equipment. The price of the equipment varies according to its material and configuration.


When the moisture content of maize is 25%, the market price of maize per ton should be 1300 yuan. Because the prices of gross cereals and finished products vary from region to region, the cost and profit can be checked in detail according to the local market. General product quality assurance is no skin, no embryo, no black star, even size. It can produce 470 kilograms of Zongzi per ton of wool maize, with a market price of 1.8 yuan per kilogram and 470 kilograms *1.8 yuan per kilogram, totaling 846 yuan. The refined powder can produce 250 kg *1.6 yuan/kg (batch price) per ton, totaling 400 yuan. Common powder 80 kg * 1.4 yuan / kg (batch price), a total of 112 yuan. Feed 200 kg * 1.2 yuan / kg (batch price), a total of 240 yuan. Total value of finished products per ton: 1598 yuan, 1300 yuan per ton of gross grain, 298 yuan per ton of gross profit. The final profit depends on the consumption capacity of the sales terminal and the market share of the consumer terminal. As long as the market is well chosen, 30 tons of maize flour processing equipment is a very suitable project for rural self-employment.


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