200TPD Corn Flour Milling Machine

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200TPD Corn Flour Milling Machine
  • Raw material:Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel
  • Capacity:1T/D,5T/D,10T/D,20T/D ETC.
  • Usage:Corn Flour Milling
  • Delivery time:30 DAYS
  • After-sales service:FREE INSTRUCTION


The whole corn grits and flour production line has the features of advanced technology, superior quality, strong specificity,

reasonable layout, low energy consumption and so on. It is widely used in food enterprises, sugar enterprises and beer enterprises.

And the core equipments have won the national patents.



Technological Process

1. Raw grain cleaning section: one screening, one stone removing, one magnetic separation. Equipped with winnowing system,

it can remove the big and small impurities.

2. Peeling and degerming section: it adopts the process of twice peeling, once polishing, twice screening and once fine section.

1) Twice peeling, once polishing can ensure effective peeling and germ removing, and separates the flour and bran by air suction system.

2)Screening: it separates the material according to sizes and quality.

3)Fine selection: according to different gravity, it separates the bran and broken germs from the material by the joint action of cowl flap and airflow.


3.Corn grits section: it adopts the technology of fine grits making, flour brushing, screening classifying and suspending.

1)Corn fine grits:it smashes the material into grits and grinds the albumen with small hardness into fine powder.

2)Flour brushing:it separates the white flour from the material. 

3)Screening:it classifies the material according to sizes.

4)Suspension: it separates the small bran from the grits by airflow according to different gravity.


4.Flour milling section:it adopts the technology of several times of grinding and screening.

1)Grinding: the material enters into the grinder and is ground into fine flour.

2) Screening: it separate the fine powder from the material.

5. Measuring and packaging section: the warehouse can reduce amount of labor. The measuring package can adopts manual method or electrical method.



Technical index:

1.End products: corn grits, corn flour and corn bran.

2.Yield rate: grade corn grits, grade corn flour 25-30%. Corn grits and corn flour total yield rate: 75~80%。

3.End products index:

A. Corn flour fineness:40-200 meshes(the flour fineness is adjustable)

B. Sand content:<0.02%

C. Magnetic metal content:<0.003/kg

D. Moisture:storage type 13.5-14.5%

E. Fat content:0.5—1%

F. Appearance and taste:even granularity, golden color, smooth kernels, fine powder, pure and natural taste.

Core equipments: vibrating screen, classifying destoner, air blower, air suction duct, degerminator, germ extraction machine, polishing machine and flat sieve.




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